The Textiles Program's extensive, light-filled facilities comprise the entire second floor of the L Building (above Dick Blick Art Materials) on Broadway Avenue across from CCA's Oakland Campus. The studios are outfitted with a wide range of equipment and are divided into spacious weaving and print studios, a dye lab, and a fiber sculpture classroom.

About the Textiles Facilities

Weaving Studio

The Weaving Studio is outfitted with 40 floor looms, including an AVL 16-harness computer-operated dobby loom, a Macomber 32-harness computer-operated loom, and a state-of-the-art, computerized Jacquard TC-1 loom. CCA is one of only a handful of art colleges in the United States that teaches digital weaving using jacquard technology. Students enrolled in weaving classes are assigned dedicated looms.

Print Studio

The Print Studio features a 33-foot print table with registration rail for larger-scale projects and 15 8-foot workstations to accommodate regular coursework. Advanced students have dedicated print tables for their work.

Dye Lab

The Dye Lab includes a large-scale light exposure table for silk screens as well as gas stoves for use with both chemical and natural dyes, a closed-ventilation system for dye mixing, and a wash-out sink. In summer, students often work outside on the adjacent balcony, where they enjoy sweeping views of the Bay Area hills.

Fiber Sculpture Studio

The Fiber Sculpture Studio doubles as a critique space and lecture room, complete with digital set up and WiFi, and is the center for extracurricular programming such as the Textiles Lecture Series. There is also a dedicated installation space for rotating student exhibitions inside the department.


  • state-of-the-art digital TC1 Jacquard loom
  • 2 computer-operated looms
  • 37 floor looms
  • Macintosh computer lab featuring industry-standard jacquard software
  • 33-foot print table with registration rail
  • bullet steamer
  • 2 light tables
  • large-vacuum exposure table
  • spinning wheels
  • industrial and home-sewing machines
  • industrial serger
  • vacuum-forming machine

Additional Resources

The Textiles studio manager maintains a large selection of yarns, fabric, and other materials available for resale as well as an extensive inventory of hand tools that can be checked out. Students also have access to the textile book lending library housed within the program and supporting collections in the CCA library.

While studying at CCA, students also have access to cutting-edge facilities, like CCA's New Materials Resource Center, one of the few facilities of its kind anywhere, which offers a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary collection of new and innovative samples with a special focus on the eco-friendly.


More than just a workspace, CCA's Textiles facilities foster a sense of home away from home, where students are encouraged to explore, grow, and challenge themselves and each other within a supportive and close-knit studio community. A small lounge area outside the faculty offices provides welcomed comfort during long hours of making as well as serves as a center for lively exchanges outside the classroom.

Textiles Studio Access Policy

All students should familiarize themselves with the Textiles Studio Access Policy, listed below, prior to using the facilities.

During the semester, undergraduate and graduate Textiles majors and students currently enrolled in courses within the Textiles Program curriculum have access to the textiles facilities outside of class time as outlined in the CCA Oakland campus access policy.

Graduate students experienced in textiles processes may make arrangements with the Textiles studio manager to have access to the department.

Undergraduate students who have taken textiles courses and are in good standing with the Textiles Program can have access on an individual basis.

During the summer and winter breaks, access to the facilities is available for students enrolled in Textiles courses in the following semester if they are in good standing with the Textiles Program. Each student must provide a $50 deposit and agree to working for three hours on one of the clean-up days.

For security purposes, all persons with access to the Textiles Program facilities have their photo taken and posted in the Textiles Studio.


L Building, Oakland campus

Access Hours

Fall and spring semesters:
Weeks 1-2: 8 a.m. - midnight
Weeks 3-12: 8 a.m. - 4 a.m.
Weeks 13-15: 24-hour access

Winter, spring, and summer breaks:
8 a.m. - midnight


Jennifer Pellman, Textiles Studio Manager

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