FS1: Skin and Bones

The focus of Skin and Bones is the body as a structural model and meaningful metaphor. "Skin" acts as the boundary between the internal and external environments and conveys the identity of the anatomical, altered, political, sexual, and aging body. "Bone," the internal framework of the body, is the starting point for investigating the architectural concepts of tensile strength, geodesic triangulation, and polyhedral geometrics. Plant, animal, and synthetic membrane-like materials are combined with flexible and semi-rigid armatures, culminating in the creation of three-dimensional structures. Themes related to the human body such as containment/restraint, inclusion/exclusion, protection/exposure, concealment/revealment are mined for content while investigating alternative construction methods that may be new to many students. Collaboration and interdisciplinarity are encouraged so that students have opportunities to incorporate their discipline-specific skills and create work that is relative to their practices.