DT: Zeroes and Ones Advanced

Digital Tools classes offered by the Textiles Program are designed to train students in cutting-edge digital technologies that can be utilized by artists in their studio practices and textile designers in industry. Instruction includes skill building in design programs and hands-on instruction on cutting-edge equipment including the TC-1 jacquard loom and digital printer.

Invented in the early 19th-century, jacquard weaving has a strong connection with the development of computers through the use of punch cards that store binary information. Historically the process was used for weaving intricate imagery and complex repeat patterns. Students work first in the computer lab learning JacqCAD and Pointcarre. Used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop, these textile design programs allow for the transfer of drawings, photo imagery, text, and patterns into weave structures that can then be woven using CCA's state-of-the-art computerized jacquard loom. Students are encouraged to explore both technical and conceptual concerns in their designs, and each will have the opportunity to do hands-on work to realize their projects.