FS2: Hand Tech

Gracing the decorated surfaces of nineteenth century fashion and interiors, lace and embroidery expressed ideas surrounding culture, gender and status. Charged with nuances of historical and cultural meaning, these hand techniques are exploding inpopularity as a medium of expression in contemporary sculpture, painting, fashion and textiles. In an increasingly fast-paced world of high tech, this workshop immerses students in hand tech - traditional and contemporary hand techniques, including netting, crochet lace, chemical lace, bobbin lace, heat-treated lace and re-purposing lace as a contemporary practice. Lace,although typically small and intricate, has the ability to grow exponentially in scale, pattern and imagery. Embroidery and stitching can be employed to craft line drawings, complex patterns, text and representational narratives. The materiality of silk, hair, wire, cording, rope, fabric strips and more, may be investigated for their malleability and conceptual potential. This class will include demonstrations, discussions of current ideas and contemporary artists, slide presentations, critiques and field trips. And is open to beginning through advanced students in all disciplines.