Eco: Wkshp: Soil to Studio

This course presents alternative practices in the design and production of textiles and clothing through an in-depth study of regenerative design, investigative fieldwork, and studio practice. The curriculum examines living examples of sustainable textile innovation from around the world, building a sense of empowerment. Students learn about direct sources of organic fibers and dyes, cross-pollinate with the local and global sustainability movement, and look closely at the important role of textiles in the future of green design. In this class, students follow a trajectory from "soil to studio." By visiting urban gardens and meeting with local pioneers in regenerative design, students gather valuable resources to draw upon, both individually and collectively, in their creative practices. By identifying and gathering non-toxic plants in the urban landscape, students experiment with locally grown materials, learn hands-on dyeing techniques, and gain valuable insight into the politics, aesthetics and practice of natural dyeing.