Eco: ECO Art

'Eco Art: Crafting a Sustainable Planet' is a Visual StudiesECO-Tap seminar designed to heighten your awareness of environment: natural, manufactured, and artist-made. You'll be introduced to the evolving discourses of Eco-Criticism used in Visual Arts Practices, Visual and Cultural Studies as well as psychoanalytic, sociological and gender approaches. From these and other diverse perspectives we'll reconsider past and current art-makers (from all media taught at CCA) who have used trash, reclaimed materials, and the discarded products of Eastern and Western cultures. You'll become acquainted with fundamentals of environmental theory (such as climate change, sustainability, and the role of high tech) and its evolving ethics, politics and aesthetics. Our work will include intensive reading and discussion, oral & visual presentation, andessay (including video essay) writing. One goal is to conceive and craft alternative methods and practices for makers who want to focus attention more keenly on the global environmental crisis (GEC).