Engage/Eco: Trash-Formations

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A unique opportunity for upper division students to apply their creative skills and theories in service to the East Bay Community. Trashformations is an ECOTap (Ecological Theory & Practice) seminar that explores the intersection of the visual arts and contemporary ecological issues. Students will study and write on both the rich history of visual artists who practice ReUse strategies and current theories of Sustainability and Repurposing. More than closely examining histories, theories and practices, we will apply and test our knowledge in the local visual culture. Trashformations is also an ENGAGE class! Students enrolled in Spring 2012 will spearhead 2 dynamic projects for the East Bay Depot for Creative ReUse, a regional leader in sustainability education. Members of this seminar will put their visual, conceptual and literary skills to use in collaboratively creating two free-to-the-public guidebooks: a Donations Guide providing information about current recycling practices and a Creative Project Guide to disseminate inventive methods of reuse suited to diverse age groups. Video experience a plus; this seminar has dedicated camera equipment to document class discussions, experiments and public demos.