The Arts & Crafts Movement

This seminar will explore the paradoxical ideals and multi-media artistic production of the Arts and Crafts Movement, from its beginnings in late Victorian England to its spread in Europe and the United States. Dedicated to beautiful, handcrafted design as a means of improving 19th century industrialized society, the Movement went through several regional re-interpretations. In Northern California, its values and practices inspired Frederick Meyer to establish in 1907 the school that became CCA--the Schoolof the California Guild of Arts and Crafts. A current measure of the Movement's importance is the renaissance that Arts and Craftsdesign enjoys in today's marketplace. In addition to covering of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe, this course will emphasize the Movement in the United States, highlighting local examples through field trips. It will investigate a broad range of media (e.g., architecture, interior design, textiles, furniture, metalwork, glass, ceramics, and graphic design), thereby encouraging students to research topics in their ownareas of artistic production and to consider how Arts and Crafts principles are perceived or practiced in their disciplines at CCAtoday.