Visual Studies

Discover the intersection of traditional art history and modern-day visual culture.


Expand Your Perspective

Want to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional art history? As a major (or minor) in our Visual Studies Program, you’ll examine everything from painting and sculpture to gaming and social media. We prepare you to think, write, and speak eloquently about the visual culture that surrounds you, and how it affects our lives.

Learn from an Interdisciplinary Approach

Through the Visual Studies faculty you connect to world-class scholars and authors who teach you to think critically about art. But that’s just the beginning. Because you’ll be studying at one of the country’s premier art colleges, you’ll benefit from hands-on interdisciplinary studio experience, working and collaborating alongside art makers from every discipline.

Gain Real-World Experience

To build your connections and practical experience, we provide ongoing opportunities to meet professional curators, historians, and gallerists -- including CCA alumni. As your studies culminate, you’ll publish and present your senior thesis -- preparing you to lead as an arts administrator, a critic, or in any career that demands a sophisticated knowledge of art, society, and culture.