Fireside Chats

What's a Fireside Chat?

We invite all Visual Studies majors and minors to our "Fireside Chats," at which local Bay Area arts professionals talk casually about their jobs. These chats have in the past featured gallerists, curators, critics, and academics who talked to the students about their workaday lives, the joys and challenges of their jobs, and their career paths en route to where they are now.

Past Guests

Guest speakers who have participated in past Fireside Chat events include the following persons:

  • Frish Brandt, Director and Partner of the Jeffrey Fraenkel Gallery
  • Jill Sterrett, Director of Conservation and Collections at SFMoMA
  • Tim Goodman, television critic for The Hollywood Reporter
  • Chris McCall, Director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco
  • Corey Keller, Associate Curator of Photography at SFMoMA
  • Tina Takemoto, Visual Studies faculty