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Literary theory?s central concern is how writing and literature relate to the world, offering a variety of perspectives, reflections, and ruminations on why writing and literature matter. Some theories are prescriptive?giving writers and readers a set of rules and guidelines; some theories are descriptive?presenting patterns and movements of literary genealogies. But for the writer, literary theory also presents a field of possibilities and problems in which to explore the meanings of texts. Part introduction to literary theory, part interdisciplinary creative writing workshop, this seminar will investigate the meeting places of theoria and praxis. Students will read selections from and be presented lectures on famous literary theoretical treatises, from Plato, Aristotle, and Saint Augustine to Jacques Derrida, Giles Deleuze, and Roland Barthes. Through creative writing exercises, assignments, and editing techniques, we will seek to engage with, embody, contest, and transcend these theories with a radical praxis.