Engage:Teach Creative Writing

In this class we will learn how to teach in the different disciplines of poetry, fiction and drama, as we create a portfolio with a lesson plan for these genres, along with a syllabus for a fifteen-week undergraduate course in introductory creative writing. The goal of this class will be to introduce graduate students to the practical and theoretical aspects of theteaching of creative writing, and to better learn the language ofeach genre as the student finds ways to talk about the craft thatinforms each. In so doing, the student will become better readersof his/her own work, applying this knowledge to one's writing andteaching goals.As well, students will have an opportunity to teach in the Literary Arts program at the Oakland School of the Arts(http://www.oakarts.org/index.php/arts/literary-arts), their timein the class being complimented by this unique, hands-on experience. This teaching will work as a counterpoint to the moretheoretical aspects of the class instruction, the student taking these skills learned and applying them at the Oakland School of the Arts. Students may need to meet outside of class time tofulfill the OSA Teaching requirement.