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Writing 2 continues the work begun in Writing 1 on strengthening students' ability to write, read and discuss at the college level, with emphasis on literary and visual analysis, and research and argumentation skills. The course will revolve around a specific theme selected by the instructor.

What's the difference between The Avengers movie franchise and spot paintings by Damien Hirst? How can a Dave Eggers' memoir be both a bestseller & seriously examined by literary critics, while an Elizabeth Gilbert memoir is simply popular (and later adapted as a Julia Roberts' film)? This class looks at a century of debate pitting mass culture against high art. Wewill examine how culture functions as industry like any other, and we will consider how and why some cultural objects come to exceed or escape that industrial market for which they were made. Expect classic essays from Clement Greenberg and Susan Sontag, plus avant-garde cinema, midnight movies, and a great deal of contemporary art.