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Writing 2 continues the work begun in Writing 1 on strengthening students' ability to write, read and discuss at the college level, with emphasis on literary and visual analysis, and research and argumentation skills. The course will revolve around a specific theme selected by the instructor.

Sensory encounters launch vivid and lively adventures, altering our experience of phenomena both familiar and strange. Theseencounters will form the basis of our course theme, "Coming to Our Senses." You will engage with texts from several genres (short fiction, poetry, the novel, memoir, drama, and film) that illuminate, disrupt and reconfigure both the traditional senses - what is seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled - as well as the more subtle and mysterious senses, such as overwhelmingfeelings of pain and joy, relations to objects, and intuition. All students who qualify for this course are welcome, but focused attention will be given to the needs of students whose first language is not English.