The following are answers to commonly asked questions about CCA's Young Artist Studio Program

Tell me more about the program

Since its inception in 1997, our Young Artist Studio Program (YASP) has provided an exciting opportunity for youth to immerse themselves fully in the practice of art making with seasoned artists in a professional art school setting. Each day your student works on various projects based on their desired subject. Each program ends with an exhibition held in CCA's Oliver Art Center, where family and friends have an opportunity to see what the young artists have created during their time in YASP.

Students can choose to attend a one-week, all-day program in which they focus on one subject for the duration of the week. These focused classes meet in the morning and afternoon with a 45 min break for lunch.

Or students can attend a two-week, all-day program in which they choose a morning class and an afternoon class. All students also take an additional Explorations in Drawing class as part of their afternoon schedule.

Students may also choose a two-week, half-day program that meets only in the afternoon and is comprised of a Graphic Design class paired with Explorations in Drawing.

How are the classes structured?

The all day one-week class starts at 8:30 am. Students take a 45 minute break for lunch from 11:30 am-12:15 pm in which they can either bring a lunch or enroll in our lunch plan. After lunch, students return to their studios and have class until 4:30pm.

In the 2-week all day program, students choose a morning and afternoon studio. They also take the required Explorations in Drawing studio as part of their afternoon schedule as well.

The morning studio begins at 8:30 am and finishes at 11:30 am. The students then have a 45 minute lunch in which they can either bring a lunch or enroll in our lunch plan. At 12:15 pm the student begins his or her two hour afternoon studio. A fifteen minute break occurs from 2:15-2:30 pm. The final studio commences at 2:30 pm and ends at 4:30 pm at which time the students are picked up

In our half day program, students arrive to attend class at 12:15- 2:15pm. After a 15 min break, they attend our Explorations in Drawing studio.

How do I register?

Registration opens by the 3rd week in February. All initial registration must be received by standard mail only. Registration materials sent by expedited mail will not be processed. Absolutely no walk-in registrations will be accepted during the initial registration period.

In April, walk-in registrations will be processed along with those received by mail. Emailed registration forms will not be accepted at any point

My child will need to leave early for vacation or will be having another activity and will need to leave early each day. Can they still attend the program?

YASP is a short, full-immersion experience. Participants are expected to be present for the entire program, barring illness. If another activity (e.g., soccer practice) or family vacation plans (e.g., students being pulled out of the program early) will conflict with a full-time commitment to the Young Artist Studio Program, do not register your child for the program.

What are your refund policies?

Withdrawal/refund requests must be made in writing and delivered either by email, postal mail, or fax to the Office of Special Programs + Continued Studies.

The timestamp or postmark on the request will be honored as the withdrawal date.

Please see refunds for specific info on withdrawal dates.

My student took a YASP class last year. Can they take the same one again this year?

We encourage all returning students to explore a new studio their returning year. Any returning students for the one-week Fashion Design class must give priority to students that have not taken this class before.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are all practicing artists with experience working and teaching youth. You can read more about our current instructors on our instructor bio page.

Is there financial aid available for your programs?

Financial Aid is not available for YASP. However, CCA does offer scholarships to YASP applicants who have significant financial need. Because the program fills quickly and the number of scholarships is limited, we strongly recommend you only apply for a scholarship if you could not otherwise afford to attend.

Please see our registration page for more information on how to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship deadline is typically in early April.

How large are the classes?

We have space for 16 students per class.

Where are your classes taught and what is the best way to get to CCA?

Our summer 2018 classes will all be taught on the Oakland campus. We are not offering YASP classes in SF this summer (2018).

Click here for maps and directions

Once your student is registered, you will also be provided with a link to an Oakland campus map on which the student drop-off point is clearly marked.

Can you help us arrange a carpool?

Since our program is small, and we have students commute from a very wide array of locations, making carpools arrangements is challenging. We encourage you to enroll with a friend to help share transportation responsibilities if you are concerned about getting to and from campus.

Are materials included in the cost of the program?

Yes. All art materials and lab fees are included in the program.

For the photography classes, however, please be aware that students need to bring their own, working camera, preferably with the option for manual control of camera functions.

Can you tell me more about the lunch plan?

The lunch plan is only available as a complete package during each program. If a student is attending the one-week program, they can sign up for five lunches. If a student attends the two-week program, they can sign up for ten lunches. The bag lunch includes the choice of several kinds of sandwiches and a drink. Lunch order forms will be attached to the registration confirmation email once your student has been registered. All lunch plans need to be ordered a minimum of 1 week in advance.

My child just completed the 5th grade. Can they enroll in YASP?

Sorry! This program is reserved for students that just completed the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. We’ll look forward to having them join next year.

My 9th grader took the YASP program last year. Can’t they take it again this summer?

The YASP program is reserved for students who just completed the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.

We encourage your 9th grader to enroll in our Summer Atelier program. This program is for students who just completed their freshman year of high school.

Do you provide housing?

Sorry, housing is not provided for YASP students

I have a question that isn’t on this list. Who can I contact to get an answer?

Please call our YASP program manager, Audrey Jones, at 510-594-3680 or email her at