Ken Cope (Clay Animation)

Ken is a classically-trained 2D and 3D animator whose work has appeared in television, feature films, theme park attractions, and games. Apprenticing at Don Bluth Studios (on The Secret of NIMH) and Filmation (He-Man and She-Ra), applying CG techniques to traditional production, flying 3D vehicles forBravestarr. Cope worked for CG pioneers Brad DeGraf and Michael Wahrman, building 3D environments for ride films, and developing facial animation techniques, showcased as the face of "Cain" in the film Robocop II. After working at Walt Disney Feature Animation for Andreas Deja, on Mickey's Prince and the Pauper and Beauty and the Beast, Ken moved to Imagineering Labs to create 3D versions of characters from Aladdin for their Virtual Reality Magic Carpet Ride. Ken teaches in CCA's undergraduate animation department.

Tony Esola (Designing with Metal)

Tony is an artist whose interests began in glassblowing and shifted to sculpture with an emphasis on metal. His work investigates the curiosities of childhood through toys made for adults -- pieces that interact with viewers and encourage their participation.

His work has been shown internationally, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts. BFA, CCA.

He is the Studio Manager for CCA's Jewelry/Metal Arts department.

Jim Kettner (Comics)

Jim "Kett-Nerd" Kettner is a cartoonist and illustrator living and working in Portland OR. His comics have been featured in Razorcake, SF Weekly, and the As You Were punk rock comics anthology. His first graphic novel, Ink In Water with writer Lacy Davis is due from New Harbinger Press in 2017.

Dan McClain (Graphic Design)

Dan is a painter whose work combines abstract forms with "found" imagery from children's books and other publications. His work explores the daydreams of youth and their subversion by modern life. In addition to being a painter, Daniel runs his own graphic design studio. BFA, CCA

Greg Piatt (Printmaking)

Greg is a fine-arts printmaker specializing in lithography, monotype, and relief work. He also utilizes these unique disciplines in his studio/printshop in Pleasant Hill.
He has taught as a guest artist and master printer in a variety of schools, including the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Kala Institute in Berkeley. Since 1992 he has been curator of the Summit Gallery, located in Mount Diablo State Park at the top of the mountain. Greg is a Senior Adjunct Professor in the Printmaking department at CCA.

Pam Stalker (Animation, Motion Graphics)

Pam received her undergraduate degree in Advertising Design from The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit with a minor in photography (specializing in filmmaking and animation).

She has an MFA in Film Graphics from CalArts, where she studied animation with former Disney animator Jules Engles. She is a faculty member in CCA's undergraduate Animation Program.

Pam has worked in the animation industry for many years contributing to Warner Brothers comedy One Crazy Summer; Disney's Brandy and Mr. Whiskers cartoon series; Rocko's Modern Life, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, and Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery.

Pam has worked on commercials for ILM, Disney, Klasky Csupo, Film Roman, Wildbrain, and Colosal Pictures. She is currently represented by Acme Filmworks in Los Angeles.

She teaches in CCA's undergraduate animation department.

Note: Instructors are subject to change.