Registration + Tuition

About Registration

Call CCA's Office of Special Programs + Continuing Studies Program Manager Audrey Jones at or 510.594.3680 for additional information.

Please review the following prior to submitting the registration form:

  • All materials must be received by standard mail only (registration materials sent by expedited mail or email will not be processed).
  • Absolutely no walk-in registrations will be accepted during the initial registration period.
  • Registration materials that omit required instructions will not be processed.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so register soon (the program fills quickly).
  • Priority for a particular studio is given to students who have not previously taken the studio. (If you are a returning student, we encourage you to participate in a new studio.)
  • Confirmation (or wait-list notification) is sent within one week of our having received your materials.
  • Beginning Monday, April 2, walk-in registrations will also be processed. Please do not send registrations via email. Emailed registrations will not be processed

Note: Registration closes five days before each session starts to ensure all materials can be purchased for the class. (The Fashion Design class will accept returning students the week before, depending on availability.)

Please see below for information on refunds.


Tuition covers all art supplies and lab fees. Photography students are asked to bring a camera to class.

Two-week all-day program: $800
One-week & half-day programs:$450


YASP is open to students who will have just completed the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade the summer they register for the program

Prices include all supplies with the exception of photography classes. All photo classes require a working camera

Payment is due in full with your registration materials, either by check (payable to California College of the Arts) or by MasterCard/Visa/AmEx/Discover.

We offer Summer Atelier for students that are rising sophomores.

How to Apply

Include the following

Thank you for a wonderful 2018 YASP! Registration for Summer 2019 will open the week of February 18th. Please go here to be added to the notification list

  • A completed registration form (don't forget to sign the waiver and program policies at the end)
  • Tuition paid in full unless you are applying for a scholarship (see Scholarship below)
  • Email a recent photograph of your child to This will be used for identification purposes only.

Mail your registration materials to:

California College of the Arts
Special Programs + Continued Studies / YASP
5212 Broadway
Oakland CA 94618-1426

Returned-Check Fee

If for any reason your tuition check does not clear for payment, CCA charges a $25 fee.


CCA offers scholarships to YASP applicants who have significant financial need. Because the program fills quickly and the number of scholarships is limited, we strongly recommend you only apply for a scholarship if you could not otherwise afford to attend.

Spaces are reserved for scholarship recipients. 

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please check the appropriate box on the registration form and include with your application:

  • A copy of parents' or guardians' 2017 federal income-tax return
  • A statement by a parent or guardian describing the family's financial need and the applicant's interest in the program
  • Name and telephone number of one of the applicant's current teachers

Scholarship applicants must submit all their materials by Monday, April 9. Award notifications will be made by April 13.

Attendance Policy

YASP is a full-immersion experience. We expect participants to be present for the entire program, barring illness.

If another activity (e.g., soccer practice) or family vacation plans (e.g., students being pulled out of the program early) will conflict with a full-time commitment to the Young Artist Studio Program, do not register your child for the program.


If your child will miss a class due to illness, please notify our office at 510.594.3710. We appreciate this courtesy.

Code of Conduct

CCA is committed to offering high-quality arts programming.

All YASP participants should have an interest in art. In the event a student's behavior is deemed disruptive to other participants (by one of the instructors or by the Dean of Special Programs), CCA reserves the right to withdraw the participant from the program.

No refund will be issued.

Health & Medications

Since CCA, the family, and the student all want the YASP experience to be a successful one, some parents have found it useful to inform us in advance of any learning disabilities/differences or health issues.

If this applies to your young artist, we encourage you to let us know the specifics at least one week before the start of the program.

In your letter, please specify if you would like this information shared with your child’s instructors. 

IMPORTANT: CCA staff cannot administer medications.

Personal Items and Electronic Devices

During class time, students are not allowed to use portable music players, personal laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices of any kind. This is to encourage students to be present and engaging with their peers and Instructor.

If students have a cell phone, it must be turned off while classes are in session. Students are welcome to use these devices when not in a classroom

We also encourage any items of value be left at home.

No skateboards or scooters are allowed on campus


Withdrawal/refund requests must be made in writing and delivered either by email, postal mail, or fax to the Office of Special Programs + Continued Studies.

The timestamp or postmark on the request will be honored as the withdrawal date.

Two-week all-day program

  • Withdrawal on or before April 30: $700 tuition refund 
  • Withdrawal on May 1 to May 14: $600 tuition refund
  • Withdrawals on May 15 and after are not eligible for a tuition refund

One-week and half-day programs

  • Withdrawal on or before April 30: $350 tuition refund 
  • Withdrawal on May 1 to May 14: $250 tuition refund
  • Withdrawals on May 15 and after are not eligible for a tuition refund

Send refund requests to: 

California College of the Arts
Office of Special Programs + Continued Studies
5212 Broadway
Oakland CA 94618-1426
Fax: 510.594.3771

Refund requests by phone are not accepted.