Admitted Undergraduates

Congratulations on your acceptance to California College of the Arts (CCA) for the upcoming fall or spring entering class.

You've arrived at the right place to find out about the next steps.

Here you'll find information regarding applying for campus housing, advising and registration, computer services, and more.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you admission to the college.

We look forward to welcoming you in person.

Undergraduate Enrollment Guide

To begin familiarizing yourself with the college's policies, procedures, and requirements, you'll want to download the latest Undergraduate Enrollment Guide (PDF) for answers to common questions undergraduates have regarding:

  • Money matters
  • Housing
  • Career Services
  • Educational Technology Services (ETS)
  • International students
  • Academic advising
  • English Placement Exam
  • Registering for courses
  • Travel between campuses
  • Health insurance
  • Disability & access services
  • Orientation
  • Academic calendar
  • CCA office directory

10 Steps to Starting at CCA

(Applies to fall 2014 / spring 2015 only)

Once students receive their offer for admission and admit packet, they are often overcome with both excitement and some trepidation about the enrollment process.

Let us help in setting your mind at ease with a few easy steps to get you started toward becoming a member of the CCA community.

For more details on the following 10 steps, please refer to the Enrollment Guide's New Student Checklist.

Step 1: Review your admission letter and packet

The Enrollment Services Office will send you a packet. Congratulations! Open or download the the Enrollment Guide.

Details regarding housing, registration, financial aid, student accounts, tuition and fees, international student visas, health insurance, orientation, academic calendar, and college-wide contact information are all included in this convenient one-stop-shop resource.

Step 2: Review your financial aid

If you have applied for aid, or met the priority deadlines for fall applicants, an aid award will follow shortly after your offer of admission.

After you have reviewed your award, please return the enclosed page indicating your acceptance of the aid offer, along with any outstanding documents.

See also Financial Aid.

(Note: International students are ineligible for need-based financial aid. See Funding Your Education for more info about outside resources.)

Step 3: Confirm your attendance

The second-half of your admit letter includes a perforated form that you must complete and return by May 1, or within two weeks of your admission offer, whichever is later.

Remember to include your nonrefundable $265 enrollment deposit ($115 registration fees; $150 enrollment).

Step 4: Set up your CCA email account

Twenty-four hours following the processing of your $265 enrollment deposit, you will receive an email with instructions on how to establish your new email account and password.

Use the "Activate Student Account" link found at Once activated, you'll immediately be able to send and receive email.

You'll also be able to access your online student records and apply for housing through WebAdvisor. (Note: WebAdvisor requires a different login procedure from that used in the application process.)

Once created, all email from the college is sent to your CCA email account.

Step 5. Apply for campus housing

Visit your new WebAdvisor account and select "Residential Life" found within the "Students" tab. Then select "Housing Application". When you reach the confirmation page, print the page and mail this document with your $600 deposit.

Step 6. Obtain your I-20 and F-1 Visa (international students only)

International students must obtain a student F-1 visa. Begin this process by submitting an I-20 Request form and a bank statement showing you have access to at least $61,532 to meet your educational costs for the year.

Download the I-20 Request Form.

Visit Student Visa/I-20 for more information.

Step 7. Complete the billing worksheet and submit a tuition payment

In June you will receive a paper statement, which will include a link and instructions for completing the student accounts billing worksheet. The form for the upcoming academic year becomes available in April, available on the student forms page.

The first tuition payment and your student accounts billing worksheet for the fall semester are due July 15; the first tuition payment for the spring semester is due November 1.

Step 8. Sign up for RAVE

Rave is the campus-wide emergency response network the college has in place to quickly inform the community about any situation that poses a threat to safety. 

Log into your WebAdvisor account, select Emergency Contacts (located in the User Account section).

Use the upper section of the Emergency Contacts page to designate a cell phone, cell phone provider, home phone, alternative email address, and opt-in to receive SMS or voice alerts to those phone numbers.

Step 9. Participate in early registration

Early summer registration is offered during the month of June with a final registration opportunity during the New Student Orientation.

First-year students will register online, and new transfer and second-degree students may make phone registration appointments with their program advisors.

Notification of the registration process will be emailed to your CCA email account in May.

Step 10. Attend new student orientation

New student orientation is a comprehensive and personal introduction to California College of the Arts, where you will meet other students, faculty, and staff who will become an important part of your college experience.

Your participation at orientation is required.