Computer Services

Email Accounts

All CCA students can activate their college email account through CCA email, 24 hours after registering for courses.

We highly recommend that you activate your account to assure your receipt of important college announcements.

If you would like to automatically forward your CCA email to an existing email account, you may configure that in your CCA email settings.

Purchasing Computers & Software

The college provides educational discounts on Apple products through our online computer store as well as on some non-Apple software.

Since CCA is primarily an Apple-based campus, we recommend Apple computers. Special academic pricing for certain models is available in the online computer store prior to the beginning of each semester.

Laptop Requirement

The Architecture and Graphic Design programs require the ownership of an Apple PowerBook upon entry into the major (typically the second year of instruction).

CCA offers a specially priced system that meets the minimum technical requirements for each program.

We recommend that students who plan to enter either program wait until the special academic pricing becomes available in late August, through the college's online Apple store.