Advising & Registration

Registration instructions for admitted undergraduate students is available in the Enrollment Guide found on the admitted undergraduates webpage.

The Enrollment Guide provides complete details regarding your next steps in the enrollment process. Please review the information carefully and take advantage of summer registration appointments.

Phone and online priority registration appointments are available during the month of June for fall enrolling students. Admitted students beginning in the spring will register during spring Orientation. First-year students will be sent a link to an online form at the end of May to request their fall courses.

Enrollment Counselors will place first-year students in their courses, and send an email confirmation of registration. Transfer and second degree students will be emailed and called to schedule phone appointments with major advisors.

Any and all changes can be made during fall New Student Orientation where all students will have an opportunity to speak with major advisors.

Student not participating in the June registration will have an opportunity to register for fall courses during orientation.

Preparing for Registration

1. Submit all available standardized test scores.

SAT, ACT, IELTS, AP, IB, PTE, and TOEFL scores must be received no later than August 1, but if you can submit them before you register, this will enable our enrollment advisors to place you right away into the appropriate English, Humanities and Sciences, and studio courses.

A score of 3 or higher on any of the AP exams will earn 3 units of transfer credit toward your Humanities and Sciences elective requirements. First-year students who have completed AP Drawing and received a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam receive 3 units of credit for Drawing 1.

First-year students who have completed extensive college-level studio coursework (e.g., art magnet curriculum, precollege coursework with a grade of A, community college coursework, or AP Studio with a score of 4 or better) may be eligible to waive one of the four required core studio courses by portfolio review.

Portfolio reviews are available during orientation.

2. Visit WebAdvisor and complete a course planning worksheet

To prepare for your registration appointment, be sure to review the online class schedule in WebAdvisor. Select “Search Course Schedule” from the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Full-time students typically carry 15 credits per semester. A balance between studio classes and academic courses is necessary, meaning no more than three studio classes can be taken in a single semester. (Your advisor will help determine your schedule during your appointment.)

A standard first-semester schedule consists of a combination of classes:

  • 2 Core Studio courses: Drawing 1 (CORES-100); 2D (CORES 104); 3D (CORES 108); or 4D (CORES 112)
  • 1 Writing and Literature course: Writing Skills Workshop (WRLIT 099); English 1 (WRLIT 100); or English 2 (WRLIT 102)
  • 1 Visual Studies course: Introduction to the Arts (VISST104)
  • 1 introductory studio elective

A Two-Campus College

Most First Year Program courses are taught on the Oakland campus; however, CCA is a two-campus college community, and traveling between the Oakland and San Francisco campuses may be necessary depending on your course selections.

As you review your schedule online, please note the class location (under "Campus") and plan accordingly. Please see Intercampus Transportation for information about local transportation options.

English Placement Exam

CCA’s English Placement Exam is required for all students unless you have either completed the equivalent of CCA’s English 1 (with a grade of C or better) or you have submitted SAT, ACT, or AP scores that satisfy the requirements stated below.

If you have not submitted official test scores by the time of registration, you will be placed in an English placeholder class. This will reserve a place in your schedule for whichever English class best matches your needs (as determined by your results on the English Placement Exam).

Upon arriving at Orientation, you must take the English Placement Exam to be placed in the appropriate English course.

Please note: Students must place at CCA's English 1 level or above in order to enroll in Intro to the Arts. Students who place into Writing Skills Workshop are restricted to a 12-credit course load.

Also note, if you elect to take the English Placement Exam to place at a higher level than your test scores determine, your exam results will be used as the final determinant.

See CCA's English Placement Exam section for more detailed information.

Advising & Registration at Orientation

Orientation is a required comprehensive and personal introduction to CCA. Whether you are joining us directly out of high school, transferring from another college, or returning to school to pursue new goals, orientation will be an invaluable experience.

During orientation, students will have the opportunity to participate in portfolio reviews and have meetings with academic advisors to thoroughly outline their curriculum for their first semester.