Artwork by Justin Nagle (detail).

Our plan for fall semester 2020

We’re designing a number of scenarios that will enable as many in-person classes as possible while also prioritizing the health and safety of our community.

As you are making your admissions decisions, we would like to share how we are approaching the fall semester:

  • Please be assured, we will have a fall semester. CCA Academic Affairs is working on a well planned, yet modifiable, semester based on evolving pandemic updates, and we will share more details throughout the summer.
  • Our goal for the fall is to be as “in person” as we safely can.
  • We remain committed to the health and safety of the entire community and will closely monitor and follow best practices and official recommendations for physical distancing and cleaning protocols, as well as how we will navigate through the physical spaces safely and how we will schedule the physical spaces to reduce contact and increase cleaning protocols.
  • We are designing a fall semester that can be delivered online or in person via hybrid formats. Some classes will be delivered online, and some will be delivered partly online and partly in person, in order to facilitate smaller than normal groups on campus and in our studios. Program chairs are working with faculty to determine the right balance and how each class will be scheduled for maximum access to campus.
  • We are also developing an entirely online fall semester option for a cohort of first-year undergraduate students who may not be able to be in residence due to travel and visa restrictions and/or health and family issues. We will continue to plan for them to join us in person by January 2021.
  • We are taking these measures to provide the safest possible learning environment for our community by reducing the number of people on campus at any given time in order to allow students to resume work in our world-class facilities.

This is going to require patience, flexibility, and creativity, but fortunately, we have considerable practice from the past two months, and at our core we are a community of creative problem-solvers.

We understand the commitment in choosing a college and are glad to work with students on the logistics given individual and changing circumstances.