Student Employment Forms & Resources

This page provides useful and frequently requested forms and resources that relate to the work-study program at CCA.

Guideline PDFs

Hiring a Student

All hiring documents will now be completed in Workday. You will complete the onboarding process while logged in to the Workday environment. Please review the Onboarding for Students Document for detailed information on how to complete the process.

For questions about onboarding, please contact the CCA Human Resources Department.

Please Note: Graduate students hired for teaching assistant positions must fill out separate forms with the program for which they are hired. These forms are not processed by the Financial Aid Office.

Time Sheet

Please note: You must complete your timesheet in Workday. Until your hire is completed by your supervisor and verified by Financial Aid, you will not be able to view your timesheet in Workday. See how to enter time by reviewing the Enter Time - Student Workers Document.

Direct Deposit

If you previously had direct deposit set up, it should already be in place, but it's a good time to review your payment elections. If you haven't set up direct deposit, we strongly encourage you to consider signing up now!

See how in this Payment Elections screencast.

For general information on how to perform tasks in Workday, visit the Workday Self Help Guides page.