Parent PLUS Loans

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans are available to the parents or stepparents of dependent undergraduate CCA students. Direct PLUS Loans are financed directly by the U.S. government, so you do not need to choose a lender.

Instructions listed here are intended for those parents who wish to borrow through the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan program on behalf of their children who are CCA students in 2018–19.

To Receive a Parent PLUS Loan

Select Complete Master Promissory Note option on menu.

The Parent PLUS MPN is usually a multiyear promissory note. The MPN is good for ten years unless you use an endorser (cosigner), in which case the MPN is good for that loan only.

You must complete and sign a Parent PLUS MPN to receive your loan funds.

  • Complete a PLUS Loan Request. You can complete the PLUS Loan Request online: The SAME PARENT that completes the PLUS MPN must complete and complete the PLUS Loan Request. The borrower information on the PLUS Loan Request must match the borrower information submitted on the PLUS MPN. Incorrect information could delay the processing of your PLUS Loan.

The PLUS Loan amount requested online must match the amount requested on the student's award letter. Discrepant information could delay the processing of your PLUS loan.

  • Return a signed copy of your student's financial aid award letter to CCA that includes the amount of the PLUS loan you intend to borrow.

It is possible to borrow a greater amount than what was indicated on your dependent student's financial aid award letter. You can borrow up to the total estimated cost of attending CCA less other financial aid. You can request a higher amount on the award letter and on the PLUS Loan Request. If you need assistance requesting a greater PLUS Loan amount, please contact us for more information.

For additional information on the terms of Parent PLUS loans, see Educational Loans.

If you prefer not to complete the Parent PLUS Loan MPN and/or Request online, please contact us to obtain paper documents. Note: Submitting paper documents will delay the processing of your loan(s).

Important Notes

  • Repayment for Parent PLUS Loans begins 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed. Parents may request an in-school forbearance from Direct Loan Borrower Services during which no payments, or interest-only payments, are required. Such requests go directly to Direct Loan Servicing Center.

  • Parent borrowers must be a citizen, permanent resident or other eligible non-citizen of the United States to be eligible for a Parent PLUS Loan.

  • Only parents are allowed to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan; students cannot apply. The loan neither is transferable nor can it be consolidated into a loan in the student's name.

  • This is a credit-based educational loan program. Creditworthiness is determined by the Department of Education. If you do not meet the federal credit requirements, you can still receive a loan provided you obtain an eligible endorser (cosigner).

  • The Department of Education must review your credit (and your cosigner's credit, if applicable) each time you apply for a Parent PLUS Loan.