On-campus employment provides students with a number of benefits besides money to assist with expenses. Students also gain time-management skills, receive hands-on experience in their fields, and make valuable connections with faculty and staff across the campus.

Hiring Policies & Procedures

All supervisors are advised to download and review the Student Employment Program Handbook for Supervisors (PDF).

For information on hiring a work-study student, see the Hire a Work-Study Student Document.

For general information on how to perform tasks in Workday, visit the Workday Self-Help Guides page.

Important Highlights

When hiring students, supervisors must be aware of the following:

  • Students may have an award of either Federal Work-study (FWS) or Institutional Work-study (IWS)
  • International students are only eligible for IWS, and may only work a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • FWS recipients have priority in applying for on-campus student employment
  • A department or office must have a position posted for two weeks at the beginning of each semester before hiring an IWS student- this includes any continuing students you will rehire.
  • There is no longer the need to rehire student from year to year if they are continuously working in the same position.
  • You must complete the hire process in Workday on or before the first day of employment
  • Students must notify HR of their start date, and complete I-9 documentation within 3 days of the hire in Workday.
  • Supervisors may not begin the hire process until they have verified the Onboarding has been completed with HR or verified that a student has been hired previously.

Supervisors must post on-campus positions on the Workday job board and create a requisition for each hire.

All job requisitions need to be approved by the Student Employment Coordinator (SEC) prior to posting.

All departments should have a trained hiring supervisors to create job requisitions and hire students. If not, please contact the SEC in the Financial Aid Office on the San Francisco campus to schedule training and have your access updated.

Your position must be in Workday to create a requisition. If you cannot find your position, please contact the SEC in the Financial Aid Office on the San Francisco campus to have a new profile created.

How to Post a Job Online

To post a job, you must first follow the Create a Job Requisition steps in the how to Hire a Work Study Student.

  • The Recruiting Reason should always be Post Internally Only
  • Worker Type should always be Workstudy Student
  • For Time Type enter Part time
  • Review the information and click submit Submit when ready.
  • The Requisition will be routed to Financial Aid to approve and post by the Student Employment Coordinator.
  • Students will view work-study jobs online and will submit information for your review.