International Student Affairs

We support international students with resources that help them thrive in their new community:

  • safe living and learning environments
  • small classes
  • multicultural and international student organizations
  • student advising
  • Career Development services
  • health insurance

To learn more about student services at the college, see Student Life.

About Us

The International Student Affairs and Programs Office is a resource for international students at CCA and for domestic students interested in one of our popular study-abroad programs.

More than 400 international students are currently studying at CCA, representing 48 different countries.

We provide orientation programs for new students, as well as immigration and academic advising. We also host workshops, social events, and exhibitions.

For questions about additional services, contact International Student Affairs Office.

International & Exchange Student Orientation

Immediately before each semester, CCA conducts a week-long orientation for all new students. It introduces students to the college, its programs, and its campuses and gives students the opportunity to meet other students, faculty, and staff.

International & Exchange Student Orientation is designed specifically for international students. Important topics, such as US academic expectations and social norms, intercultural adjustment strategies, immigration regulations, and support services provided for international students are discussed.

Note: International students must attend each orientation.

Academic & ESL Resources

Academic and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors are available to assist small groups of students or individual students.

Tutors will ask questions and demonstrate ways of solving problems, and they will guide you as you practice these behaviors yourself.

Tutoring is free to all currently enrolled students.

See also Learning Resources Center.

Academic Advising

Academic advising guides students through course selection and registration, ensuring each student's curriculum meets educational goals. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor.

See also Academic Advising.

Career Development

For more than a century CCA has prepared students for professional work in creative fields. Graduates find their education opens doors to a wealth of career opportunities both within the United States and internationally.

While many of our programs build professional practice into their curricula, some students elect to enroll in courses that prepare them for specific careers, such as teaching or working in the community.

Career Development assists students in this process, linking them to internships and jobs around the globe. Also offered: career counseling, an online job-posting database, and workshops that prepare students for a successful job search.

The International Student Affairs Office hosts the following workshops:

  • Optional Practical Training (employment options after graduation)
  • Career Development for International Students
  • Fulbright Grant Writing
  • H-1B Information Session (presented by a licensed immigration attorney)


Interning is one of the most effective strategies in launching your career. Internships often connect you directly or indirectly to the top art and design industry leaders.

All students have the opportunity while at CCA to explore professional work. In fact, many of our programs require students to complete an internship prior to graduating.

CCA’s international students have found employment at such leading creative organizations as:

  • Architekten Sievert/Liesler, Germany
  • CW Architects, Belgium
  • Havas Advertising, France
  • Kawar Interiors, Jordon
  • Mairanzi Arts Centre, Australia
  • Peopleworkz, Singapore
  • Pigasus Publishing, Greece
  • PRAD: Partners in Planning, Architecture & Design, Scotland
  • Samsung Art & Design Institute, South Korea
  • Shimano, Japan
  • Studio Urban House, Inc., Japan
  • Sung Hung Kai Engineering Co., Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies, Israel
  • Weiden + Kennedy, Netherlands

Personal Counseling

Free professional student counseling is available to all CCA students, including international students. Counselors are licensed psychologists and graduate-level psychology interns carefully selected for their experience and sensitivity to issues facing artists in an academic environment.

Counselors are available to discuss any personal concern, including confusion over drug and alcohol use, life direction, relationships, sexuality, or feelings of depression and anxiety.

All information disclosed during counseling sessions, including the fact a student has entered counseling, is confidential. No information is released to college officials, faculty, family, or outside agencies without the student's permission.