Our plans for the spring 2021 semester

CCA plans to start the semester with remote instruction, then thoughtfully and gradually increase campus access and studio use for specific making courses midway through the semester.

No one could have expected the circumstances that we faced this fall, but we are proud of how our college prepared and what we were able to provide for our students around the world through online instruction from our incredible faculty. We are looking forward to more innovative online instruction and an eventual return to some semblance of campus making-culture.

How we will structure our spring 2021 semester

Though we are still finalizing the details, CCA plans to start the semester with remote instruction, then thoughtfully and gradually increase campus access and studio use for specific making courses midway through the semester.

We strongly believe that online delivery for a majority of our curriculum for the spring 2021 academic semester is the safest and most dependable decision given the ongoing threat the coronavirus pandemic poses and the continued unknowns on when a vaccination will be widely available. Conditions and regulations permitting, we will gradually open up the campus for more student use, giving students access to shops and studios as much as is safe and manageable with strict health protocols in place.

Spring 2021 academic calendar

We are making a few adjustments to our spring academic calendar in response to the circumstances. Our spring 2021 semester will begin a week later than normal on Monday, January 25, 2021, and will end on Sunday, May 9, 2021. CCA will not have a spring break in order to reduce travel and maintain health and safety guidelines around quarantining for those in campus housing and staff who need to access campus.

Plans for instruction

We are already improving upon what online instruction looked like in fall, based on the feedback from our current students. This fall, we were able to offer a full semester of First Year Core curriculum fully online, including studio courses. Coursework was primarily delivered in modules and assignments for students to complete asynchronously, to accommodate any time zone, with opportunities for scheduled live, real-time feedback. This spring, there will be more opportunity for interaction with faculty, and we’re changing how we are structuring our class times to better accommodate our students’ needs. We are also looking forward to the eventual reintroduction of campus use for a limited number of courses with hybrid instruction.

  • Class meeting times will be updated to accommodate global synchronous connections for content delivery, peer group discussion, and faculty meetings.
  • A select number of hybrid course sections will be available with limited enrollment to students living on campus or locally in the area.
  • Some hybrid sections will start in March. This will allow new international students the flexibility to arrive later in the spring semester to accommodate any delayed visa processing.

Academic Affairs is working with all programs to keep students on track to graduation.

Housing and dining

We are glad to safely welcome all students who need or want to live in CCA housing this spring. Residence halls and food-service locations are open and operating under strict health guidelines. Many students chose to call Founders Hall home this fall and on-campus housing will continue to be available for the entire spring semester. Spring 2021 students will have the option to move in mid-January before courses begin, or in mid-March. Housing will also remain open through the summer.

Students applying for housing will live in our new student residence, Founders Hall, which opened this fall. Founders Hall benefits from thoughtful design plans and its brand-new build: There is no recirculation of air in the building; the system uses only fresh, filtered outside air; and most spaces have operable windows for increased air flow. Students were—and will continue to be—assigned single-occupancy rooms for the semester to support physical distancing. This will not increase the room cost for students who have requested doubles. Students who have selected doubles may be assigned a roommate once physical distancing restrictions are loosened. The exception for remote learning given circumstances this semester does not change CCA’s live-on residency requirement for incoming students when they are able to return to campus.

Makers Cafe on campus has also remained open and accommodates residents with meal plans, offering freshly prepared daily lunch and dinner specials you can pre-order for pick-up, as well as grab-and-go and convenience items.

Additionally, CCA has increased health and safety protocols for all campus spaces:

  • Buildings and public spaces will be cleaned and sanitized frequently according to strict protocols and health and safety guidelines.
  • CCA will require testing and health checks and support contact tracing for staff and students who will be in campus housing. More information about these policies will be forthcoming to students joining us in the residence hall.
  • Everyone will be required to wear face coverings in all shared and public spaces, in accordance with public health requirements.
  • Community spaces are being reconfigured to accommodate physical distancing requirements.
  • Residence halls have reduced occupancy, and increased on-campus dining facilities will be temporarily modified to reduce density. Takeout options will be expanded.

Student services and resources

We have adapted student services and resources to be accessible online and remotely.

CCA’s Online Learning: A Student’s Guide Portal page will be a gateway to information, resources, and support to help students succeed in a remote learning environment. Topics include how to set up a remote learning space; access available technologies and user support; connect remotely with student services such as Advising, Counseling, and Financial Aid; and find policy changes and updates due to COVID–19. This page will be updated regularly as additional information and resources become available.

Student services such as Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Career Development, International Student Affairs and Programs, Counseling, and others continue to be accessible remotely (by phone, email, Zoom, etc.)

We will continue to provide updates via email, and students can also find more information and resources on the Portal’s COVID–19 resource page. If you have questions in the meantime and you’re not sure where to direct them, please contact CCA’s Office of Admissions at [email protected] or call/text +1 415-610-7004.