Student Profiles

Celestino Marina: Animation

"The relationship that you develop with your professors . . . they become mentors. Before you know it, there’s a whole group of you spending way too much time in this building -- but you’re collaborating, and you’re learning from each other. And even when the teachers aren’t around, it’s amazing -- because you’re still learning!"

Kyle Belcher: Architecture

"I would describe CCA's Architecture Program as strong, but getting stronger. . . . One of the exciting things about CCA is that most of the faculty are also practitioners, which allows you to develop special bonds with professors and the opportunity to work with them outside of school."

Kevin Lawrence : Film

"When I was in the Marine Corp., I was an artist. Now that I’m at an art school, I’m a Marine at an art school. CCA’s slogan is Make Art That Matters . . . so I’m thinking about how I can make my work matter. If I can make something now that says something about today, that’s something I can be proud of."

Emily Craig: Graphic Design

"I find inspiration a lot at school from my fellow students. From random stuff that we find on the wall, from being pushed by my teachers constantly, from the city that I grew up in—San Francisco. That's one of the things that CCA has taught me that I can always go out and find inspiration everywhere I look."

Rani Khamphilavong: Illustration

"With my Illustration teachers, I loved every single one of them . . . being able to experience and explore. You don’t want to be taught by a professional teacher -- you want to be taught by a professional illustrator and professional artist; you want to be taught by someone who is in the industry right now."

Haley Toelle: Industrial Design

"I went from bike mechanic to working in bike shops to working with one of the top companies in the world. Seeing the change from my first year over the last three years is insane! There really are no limits when you’re at CCA. When I moved here I wanted to work in design at a global level. And it’s totally happening! "

Yolla Knight: Painting/Drawing

"I think the best things about CCA are really the sense of community here and the friendships you make and the connections you make with instructors. I think the teachers are really central to CCA's success. They're just very generous people and have really enhanced my experience here."

Eva Chidester: Photography

"I got on a plane, crossed my fingers, and got really nervous, and after I got off and saw the school, I knew I had made the right choice. The Bay Area is like a different country -- even the way the air smells! It just looked beautiful; it looked like a garden. I don’t think I would have made the same photographs had I stayed in New York. "