CCA requires two letters of recommendation, one of which must be a letter from an academic teacher or school-based counselor.

For your second letter of recommendation, CCA welcomes the submission of letters from art teachers, employers, clergy, volunteer coordinators, and other nonfamily or otherwise-associated individuals.

We highly recommend you take advantage of our electronic recommendation process. This will ensure we receive your letters in a timely fashion, and it also is convenient for your recommenders.

Electronic Submission

When you submit your online application, you will be asked to provide the name and email addresses for your recommenders. Your recommenders, in turn, will receive the recommendation form electronically. Once they have completed the online form, it will automatically be returned to CCA for completion of your application.

Postal Submission

Mailed letters of recommendation must be in sealed envelopes sent directly to the Enrollment Services Office.

Note: The online application requires you to add the names of your recommenders -- even if your recommenders intend on mailing in their letters of recommendation.