California College of the Arts is a community of artists who believe creative work can positively and powerfully affect society; in short, we make art that matters.

We push boundaries, too, by creating bold and innovative solutions that bridge design and technology.

We reach outside our community to engage in learning practices from around the globe, sharing how we create.

And we simultaneously integrate this vast array of cultural practices in our own bold and innovative work.

Today's Careers Welcome New Visions

An arts education has never been more relevant or more valuable. Today creative persons are recognized as necessary to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

And CCA students, alumni, and faculty are at the cutting edge of every creative field, working in industry and the community, and founding enterprises of their own.

Make Art that Matters

Community. Diversity. Sustainability. Social justice. CCA’s foundation and inspiration. Our belief in a better world compels us to make art that matters.
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Push Boundaries

At CCA we revere the traditional and revel in the experimental. No single discipline, practice, or ideal confines us. We are not afraid to push boundaries.
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Global Engagement

Creativity knows no country, no customs, no color. CCA excites and unites, across all borders. As our world becomes smaller, our sense of global engagement never stops expanding.
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Bold & Innovative

A life in the arts is a unique experience. At CCA we share openly. We work tirelessly. We are artists, entrepreneurs, designers, makers, and thinkers -- bold and innovative through and through.
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