Push Boundaries

CCA students and alumni push boundaries every day in their work, their classes, and within their community.

Build Social Innovations via Interdisciplinary Teamwork

2011 is the inaugural year of the IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards program, one of the anchor initiatives of CCA's Center for Art and Public Life.

Interdisciplinary teams of CCA students develop and implement social innovations through their studies in art, architecture, design, and writing. (Each team is awarded $10,000 toward their project.)

Make the Connection Between Science and Art

CCA's humanities and sciences division introduced four interdisciplinary studio courses, collectively known as Water Works, an academic effort to implement scientific instruction into the studio curricula of the four academic disciplines -- architecture, design, fine arts, writing.

Collectively, the theme-based courses promote the college's "science at CCA" initiative.

Reinvent More Effective and Sustainable Ways of Disseminating Information

Architecture students Bret Walters and Duncan Young developed the Atomized Library project, which focuses on the digitizing of printed information and how it will affect the traditional library in terms of physical materials.

(The project earned the students an honorable mention in the Urban Design Category of the CoARQ Competition, the top-rated international competition for architecture students.)

Honor Traditional Craft Techniques Used Around the World

Textile artist Morgan Bajardi (Textiles 2009) travels the globe, working with thread: dyeing, hand painting, and weaving it into intricate patterns, from elaborate geometric designs to detailed representations of faces and human bodies.

She spent the summer of 2008 at Fondazione Lisio in Florence, whose mission is to keep alive traditional techniques of Jacquard design and hand weaving using silks and precious metals.