CCA alumni have made many noteworthy contributions to their communities and creative fields.

Search by program, select an alum, and read about who inspired them, what advice they offer, and their latest achievements.

The following list represents alumni we've featured on the website or in Glance, or both. They appear here by program (separated by undergraduate and graduate programs).


Maximilian Uriarte (2013)

Kelly Rodriguez (1997)
Taeko-Karyn Takagi (2002)

Art Education
Pablo "Paul" Cardoz (1982)

Travis McFlynn (2013)
Peter St. Lawrence (2001)
Derek Weisberg (2005)

Erinn Clancy (2010) (Media Arts)
Paul Trillo (2007)

Orfeo Quagliata (1999) (Wood/Furniture)

Ako Castuera (2000)
Grady Gordon (2008)

Individualized Major
Andrew Georgopoulos (2007)
Kevin Krueger and Kristin Olson (both 2011)

Jewelry / Metal Arts
Michael Esteban (2013)
Mike Holmes (1984)
Hilary Sanders (2013)

Mia Christopher (2012)
Mary Meyer (2001) (Painting)
Rima West (1960) (Painting)

Alison Bailey (2003)
Amanda Marsalis (2001)

Simin Eivazi (2013)
Neil Grimmer (1995)


Architecture (MArch)
Liz Lessig (2012)

Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice
David Kasprzak (MA 2011)
Susannah Magers (MA 2011)

Graduate Program in Design
Zena Adhami (MFA 2012)

Graduate Program in Fine Arts
Zarouhie Abdalian (2010)
Elizabeth Block (2003)
John Chiara (2004)
Sofía Córdova (2010)
Sasha Duerr (2003)
Rob Fatal (2012)
Bean Gilsdorf (2011)
Todd Hido (1996), Photography faculty
Sarah Hotchkiss (2011)
Greacian Goeke (Film/Video/Performance 1990)
Jeff Kunkel (Painting/Drawing 1991)
Carol Ladewig (Painting/Drawing 1991)
Sean McFarland (2004)
Toyin Odutola (2012)
Leah Rosenberg (2008)
Maja Ruznic (2009)
Amber Stucke (2011)
Tara Tucker (1994) (Sculpture 1992)
Natasha Wheat (2011)
Banker White (MFA 1999)
Lindsey White (2007)
Wenxin Zhang (2013)

Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies
Aimee Le Duc (2003)
Susan Miller (2012)
Candacy Taylor (2002) (Visual Criticism)

MBA in Design Strategy
Tim Bishop (2010)
Nicole Chen (2010)
Adam Dole (2010)
Vinitha Watson (2010)

MFA Program in Writing
Elizabeth Block (2002)
Aimee Le Duc (2004)
Jønathan Lyons (2005)

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