Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment Colloquium

October 11, 2010, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Info: 415.703.9562 or architecture@cca.edu

Participants will include Peter Anderson, Javier Arbona, Ila Berman, Nicholas de Monchaux, Nataly Gattegno, David Gissen, Jason K. Johnson, Byron Kuth, Elizabeth Ranieri, Mitchell Schwarzer, and Craig Scott.

How can nature be remade with ideas, forms, and processes from the history and theory of architecture? How can nature be remade through urban design? What visions of ecology, technology, and performance have emerged? What is the future of architecture in relation to this evolution of nature?

Please join us in a discussion of ideas and provocations generated from the recent issue of Architectural Design, "Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment," edited by David Gissen. Advancing new relationships between architecture and nature, "Territory" emphasizes the simultaneous production of architectural objects and the environments surrounding them. Conceptualized within a framework that draws from physical and human geographical thought, "Territory" examines the possibility of an architecture that both responds to, and actively produces, its external ecological conditions. The architecture presented here scans and modifies landscapes, atmospheres, arboreal zones, magnetic fields, habitats, and toxicities, enabling new and intense geographical patterns and effects within architectural and urban experience. "Territory" charts out a performative spatial territory for architecture that exceeds our current understanding of context or environment, by suggesting that architecture might formulate strategies for new forms of environmental modulation and generation that question its role in relation to the natural world.