"Freshly Squeezed": 2011 Industrial Design Senior Show

May 12, 2011, 6:00–10:00 pm
SOMARTS | 934 Brannan Street | San Francisco

Free and open to the public
Contact: Pam Zahedani, pzahedani@cca.edu, or 415.551.9330
More info: Salima Taplin at or Ian Duffy at
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CCA’s Industrial Design Program presents Freshly Squeezed, the future of San Francisco’s design community.

CCA's Industrial Design senior class has spent the last year designing experiences around how we interact and redefine our involvement with food. Twenty-one young designers will debut their work at SOMARTS in their show, Freshly Squeezed, on May 12.

As the basic necessity for human survival, food is a constant reminder in our everyday lives. It not only nurtures us on a minimal level—physically and psychologically—but also it has created an entire industry that includes everything from food production, marketing, packaging, medical technology, etc.

Being the number one food and agricultural producer in the United States, California not only lends its hand in supplying the country with food, but also leads the way in innovation in technology and design. At San Francisco’s own California College of the Arts, 21 Industrial Design students seek to debut all they have learned in their four years by exploring possible solutions surrounding the idea of food.

  • How do we interact with food?
  • What is this experience like?
  • How can we make it sustainable?
  • How will this redefine our own lifestyle?

2011 Seniors

Ian Duffy
Andrew Hauris
Bohyun Kim
Caryn Wong
Chris Swoszowski
Christy Tong
Dan Bellia
Elaine Song
Erin Fong
Howard Li
Hsiao-Ting Weng
Ian Duffy
Jessica Chan
John Mauriello
Lily Kolle
Liz Clark
Marc Levinson
Maria Pitallano
Michael Angelini
Ryan David Francis
Salima Taplin
Soon Jae Kwon
Stephanie Chen