Lecture by Florian Schmidt and Volker Eichelmann

Presented as part of the Graduate Fine Arts Satellite Lecture Series
April 28, 2011, 7:00–9:00 pm
Graduate Center, San Francisco Campus
Room GC4

Berlin and Vienna-based artists Volker Eichelmann and Florian Schmidt generate collaborative installations of abstract paintings and elegantly hacked objects that sample early Modernist utopias, a site where painting, architecture, and drawing as sculpture break or collapse into a continuous field of play.

Volker Eichelmann's work investigates elusivity and Modernism, obsolescence, fragmentary architecture, proposals and language. In his continued series, Proposals for Sculptures and Buildings, Eichelmann riffs through Constructivist Utopian projects. The results are elegant, ironic hackings of material culture and aspiration that continue in his 'Faked. Because Proust' works, collaged fragments of French Surrealist texts.

Florian Schmidt's paintings, sculptures, assemblages, appear poised in a state of endless potential and flux, chaos and composition. His excised canvases and cut-out objects feature one work which is made of the remnants of another. In his current series NEED (2011) at Zach Feuer Gallery, Schmidt constructs his compositions of elementary shapes, imperfect circles, squares and rectangles, often covered with lacquer, silicon and vinyl or embellished with cardboard and wires, a vocabulary which features the cut-offs of offer works.

Both Eichelmann and Schmidt were featured in Frieze 2010, Galerie Andreas Huber, and have a joint exhibition in San Francisco opening at Silverman Gallery on April 29th 2011.