Lecture by Michele Abeles and Margaret Lee

Presented as part of the Graduate Fine Arts Satellite Lecture Series
March 16, 2011, 12:00–2:00 pm
Graduate Center, San Francisco Campus

Room GC3

Free and open to the public.

For more information, contact cbradley@cca.edu.

About Michele Abeles

Michele Abeles is a visual artist who investigates photo-based practices imaging landscapes, interiors, portraits, and staging tableaux, along with video shoots that she refers to as circular or repeating in form. Her current series C. NOBODY (2011), and Caught in a Secret History (2010) offer displaced, luminous, yet banal constructed subjects that exist between performance and the real.

Abeles's work has most recently shown in Bidoun magazine, The Sculpture Center, MOMA PS 1, Prague Biennale, and White Columns, in a collaborative exhibition featuring Margaret Lee. Abeles graduated with an MFA from Yale. Abeles lives and works in New York.

About Margaret Lee

Margaret Lee is an artist and curator whose installations and exhibition projects have been featured at X Initiative, Performa 09, and White Columns. Her art project space, 179 Canal, in New York's Chinatown featured a host of experimental artists in a second-floor Mahjong Parlor. (Her new artist's space at 47 Canal opens in April 2011.)

In a 2010 solo show, Lee chose to explore collaboration mediated through curation. By offering simple sculptural objects such as potatoes and cakes to a pair of artists, Lee experimented with artist/curator roles. The resulting installation is simultaneously a single work, with individual players. Lee attended Barnard College at Columbia University and lives and works in New York.