Talk with Liam Young: Sustainable Urbanist Talk

Presented by the CCA Architecture Program and Headlands Center for the Arts
November 14, 2011, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public
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Liam Young is the Headlands' first architecture/environment artist in residency, supported in part by the Seed Fund. Young is a United Kingdom-based architect and social practice artist. His practice engages environment, sustainability, urban planning, architecture, land use, and public space.

Young currently lives and works in London as an independent urbanist, designer, and futurist. He is a founder of the futures think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a group whose projects explores the consequences of fantastic, perverse, and speculative architectures and urbanisms.

Young was named by Blueprint magazine as one of 25 people who will change architecture and design in 2010. Probing the urban and ecological consequences of emerging technologies, Young curates the nomadic teaching studio "Unknown Fields Division" at various universities throughout Europe and Asia. Each year the division travels to extraordinary landscapes to explore a space among cultivation, nature, and wilderness.

Young's Marin Headlands residency includes large-scale mapping of the site, small robotic installations, and architectural prosthetics installed as a dynamic inhabitants responding to the fluctuations and
deviations of the surrounding landscape. Existing somewhere between biology and technology, these delicate devices will imagine alternative strategies for intervening within natural systems.

The residency will conclude with a series of performances and an intensive interdisciplinary design workshop in the Headlands of Marin County.

Headlands Center for the Arts, which is located in the coastal wilderness of the Marin Headlands 15 minutes from San Francisco, the Headlands Center for the Arts offers artists' residencies and public programs, opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and exchange that build understanding and appreciation for the role of art in society.

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[photo: Liam Young, Islands Web Project, 2010]