Architecture Division Final Reviews

December 5–13, 2012

San Francisco Campus
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Wednesday, December 5
in the Nave
noon–3 pm: BArch Studio 0
2–7 pm: MArch Studio 1

Friday, December 7
in the Nave
9 am–1 pm: BArch Studio 1
3–7 pm: BArch Studio 3 and MArch Studio 3

Saturday, December 8
in the Nave
8 am–5 pm: Advanced Studio and CBD Reviews

Sunday, December 9
in the Nave
9 am–1 pm: Interior Design Studio Practice 1 and Interior Design Tools and Technology 1
1:30–5:30 pm: Interior Design Studio Practice 3 and Interior Design Materiality and Space 3
3–7 pm: Interior Design Linkage Studio

Wednesday, December 12
in the Boardroom
3–9 pm: MArch Thesis Reviews

Thursday, December 13
in East 1
8 am–3 pm: MArch Thesis Reviews