Ceramics Alumni Night Part 9

Ceramics Lecture Series
November 8, 2012 7:15 pm
Treadwell Ceramic Arts Center, Oakland Campus

Info: 510.865.7704 or agonzalez@cca.edu

Three generations of Ceramics alumni -- Jennifer Kenworth (BFA 1992), Alicia Reyes McNamera (2003-6), Marnia Johnston (MFA 2007) show slides and talk about life after art school and the way they live as artists.

Jennifer Kenworth

“I like to create figurative sculpture using clay, in a range of sizes from six inches to seven feet tall. My sculptures are caricatures of the people I see around me. Someone waiting at a bus stop or standing in line could become one of my subjects. I am inspired when I see a person wearing odd colors, a silly hat, or smoking three cigarettes at once. Through my work, I enjoy bringing attention to the beauty and humor I see of being ordinary and innocent in everyday life.”

Alicia Reyes McNamera

“My work explores selected memories frommy travels through Latin America, while reflecting on my own Latin roots. These memories -- whether embellished, diluted, or sincere -- remain as truths in a history. I’m interested in the fine line between memory and imagination within our personal and cultural mythologies. My goal is to memorialize these events remembered.”

Marnia Johnston

Marnia Johnson is a sculptor and interdisciplinary instigator who collaborates with engineers, synthetic biologists, programmers, and tinkerers. She creates projects exploring what Donna Haraway calls the “ideological struggle between life and social science.” Her work incorporates themes surrounding mass production (including biological mass production of cell and tissue cultures), ecology, and biological processes by using robotics, ceramics and various other media. She has received the Visions from the New California Award and a James Irvine Foundation Fellowship, and she just completed a residency at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.