Dependable Strengths Workshop

November 10, 2012 10:00 am–3:00 pm
Oakland Campus
Room B4

Space is limited, so sign up early. Lunch included.

The goal of this fun, confidence building workshop is to identify and build on one’s natural talents through the exploration of past successes. Clarify your unique pattern of strengths and discover how to leverage them to make your best contributions in work and beyond.

This workshop will be taught by Maureen Nikaido, a certified DSAP facilitator, trained by the late Bernard Haldane, the founder of the Dependable Strengths Process. A career coach for more than 15 years, Maureen has conducted dependable strengths training with alumni, career changers, employees and college freshmen. She approaches her work from a strengths-based perspective and is passionate about helping others to discover the excellence within to live their best life. Maureen is also Associate Director for Student Success/Career Counselor at Holy Names University.