:: TONIGHT :: Impact Social Entrepreneurship Awards Team Presentations

March 29, 2012, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Info: 510.594.3757 or impact@cca.edu

Join us for presentations by the finalists in the competition for the second annual IMPACT Awards, the announcement of the winners, and a keynote lecture by Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses, a neighborhood-based nonprofit art and cultural organization in Houston's Northern Third Ward.

IMPACT Finalist Teams

20/20 FOTO
With: Creative Kids (US) and Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (Mexico)
El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Robert Gomez (MFA & MA Visual and Critical Studies), Heidi Lubin (MFA), Neil Rivas (MFA), Claudia Marquez (Writing and Literature), Jessica Padilla (Writing and Literature), Maria Alzatin Nunez (Sculpture)

Taking place in El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 20/20 FOTO: Cross-Border Community Action is a youth photography workshop focused on technical, critical, and therapeutic storytelling.

With: Brightworks School
San Francisco

Blake Hudelson (MArch), Kate Ganim (MArch), Sarah Goodin (Individualized Major), Miwa Ikemiya (MFA Design), Charles Weber (Industrial Design), Valerie Willis (MFA Design)

Brightlab is a partnership between an interdisciplinary group of CCA students and Brightworks School, a progressive school rooted in hands-on, project-based experiential learning. Brightlab will design a mobile education pod intended to serve the greater community by bringing Brightworks's notion of exploratory learning to local public schools.

The Grove Reaction
With: New World School of the Arts and the Mangrove Project

Alex Moir (Community Arts), Hannah Kim (Graphic Design), Brandy Davis (MBA in Design Strategy)

The Grove Reaction aims to raise environmental awareness of mangrove forests in the south Florida ecosystem by partnering the Mangrove Project with New World School of the Arts to engage high school students in creative learning and replanting projects.

With: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Olivia Nava (MBA in Design Strategy), Sachi DeCou (MBA in Design Strategy), Rachel Gant (Industrial Design)

Working with the Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, the JuaBar team will create a solar-powered mobile charging station designed for off-grid community members in Tanzania to learn about and purchase quality solar products.

With: Indian Valley Academy Charter School (IVA) and Greenville Street Committee
Greenville, California

Tyler Pew (MArch), Mark Campos (BArch), Sam Slater (MArch), Shawn Whitehorn (MArch), Kristina Farber (MArch), Kadi Franson (MArch)

Using design thinking, collaboration, and hands-on making, KIDmob will create a two-week design-build workshop for the middle school students of Indian Valley Academy (IVA), located in Greenville, California.

With: Alaska Design Forum and KAKM, Alaska Public Television
Kivalina, Alaska

Jesus Landin-Torrez III (MFA Social Practice), Teresa Baker (MFA), Steve Sanchez (Furniture), Floris Schonfeld (MFA)

Taking place in the Alaskan village of Kivalina, KVAK TV is a youth-oriented social media project focusing on storytelling.

Awards Presentation

After the lecture, the finalist student teams under consideration for an IMPACT Award will give presentations to the audience and a panel of judges. The judges will quickly retire to deliberate, and at the end of the evening they will announce the winning teams and their award amounts.

The awarded projects will each receive up to $10,000. All of them must emphasize interdisciplinary engagement, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative relationships with community partners, and they must have a detailed action plan that supports social and humanitarian goals.

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