Lecture by Taro Hattori

Photography Lecture Series
September 27, 2012 11:00 am–12:00 pm
Oakland Campus

Ralls Painting Studio
Free and open to the public
Info: Chris Nickel, cnickel@cca.edu, 510.594.3718

Taro Hattori is an installation artist whose projects respond directly to both the built and intangible elements of specific environments through "installing" his work or setting up dynamic situations. With backgrounds in theater set design and music, he creates installations that tell stories activated by the tension between objects, specificity of site, and viewers.

His work deals with ambivalent condition of human nature by showing coexistence of conflicting ideas such as creation and destruction, acceptance, and rejection, and often has both critical and sympathetic attitude toward the subject. Of his work he wrote: "I try to define myself by examining what I hate" and "through my work, I express my love and hatred toward stupidity of humans including myself."

In his project Packed, he hired day laborers to hold transparent guns he made to both criticize and sympathize the condition of soldiers as a paid occupation. In V, he dealt with the possibly destructive impact of desire to create mirroring Werner von Braun and his family history. In his social practice work Exinclusivity, he dealt with how our society exploits certain people by putting them in a exploitative condition. In his recent work Penetration, he placed his sculpture at various locations that represent hidden support structures our society has.

Hattori’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, and has been awarded many residencies, including Headlands Center for the Arts; Vermont Studio Center, Can Serrat, Barcelona; Millay Colony for the Arts, New York; McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte; Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan; Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Taipei Artist Village and Kala Art Institute.

He also has received grants or awards from West Prize, Center for Cultural Innovation, The Nomura Cultural Foundation and The Leah Middlebrook & Norio Sugano Fellowship.

Hattori, originally from Tokyo, currently lives and works in Oakland, California. He received his MFA in Time Arts / Video from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, his BA in clinical psychology from Sophia University, Tokyo, and studied theater design at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

His work is represented by Swarm Gallery (Oakland), West Collection (Philadelphia), Black Square Gallery (Miami), and Peter Miller Gallery (Chicago).