Lecture by Uta Barth

Photography Lecture Series
November 8, 2012 11:00 am–12:00 pm
Oakland Campus

Ralls Painting Studio
Free and open to the public
Info: Chris Nickel, cnickel@cca.edu, 510.594.3718

Note: This event was originally scheduled for Wednesday, November 7.

Uta Barth (b.1958 in Berlin) is a contemporary photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. Barth received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004-5.

Barth has used photography exclusively in her aesthetic projects, experimenting with depth of field, focus, and framing to take photographs that are suggestive rather than descriptive, alluding to places rather than describing them explicitly.

Her interiors and landscapes engage the viewer in an almost subliminal way, testing memory, intellect, and habitual responses.

Barth's photographs take the opposite approach to the famous Düsseldorf school of photographers, which include Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky. While they record their subjects in sharply objective archival detail, Barth’s images of interiors, buildings, suburban roads, or natural environments are often out of focus, cropped, and apparently empty of any foreground subject.

What emerges from this reduction and abstraction of subject matter is a body of photographs evocative of great moments in the history of painting, or of a cinematic ambience.