Space Between

A Diveristy Studies Exhibition
May 22–June 14, 2012

Free and open to the public
More information: Mariella Poli,, 415.710.5695

The exhibition Space Between featured at the College Avenues Galleries (Oakland campus) is a result of the Diversity Studies course “Multiculturalism and Identity." The course was an international exchange between California College of the Arts and Istanbul Bilgi University. The exhibition features the works of artists and designers investigating current and historical perceptions concerning culture and identity in everyday life and their complex relationship to artistic and cultural production. Issues under examination include the representation of space -- both physical and psychological -- as well as public space (urban fabric) versus private space (memory and history).

Spaces Between, LINK, the exhibition located at Istanbul Bilgi University, Santral Istanbul Gallery 1, broadens its borders from Bilgi University and CCA by including art work from students of other local universities such as Marmara University (Faculty of Fine Art) and Yildiz Teknik University. The exhibition calls attention to the parallel structures of common values and anxiety in a globalized world and thus, the project aimed to transform the young artists' sensibility, memory, experience, tension, approach to reality into a polyphonic dialogue.