Turkey Info Session for Summer Study Abroad 2012 (San Francisco)

Presented by the Office of Special Programs
February 16, 2012, 3:15–3:45 pm

San Francisco campus, West 1
More info: Carol Pitts, cpitts@cca.edu, 510.594.3732

TURKEY: International Sinopale Biennial
Information session with Mariella Poli

Students in this interdisciplinary course participate as a collective, collaborating with residents of Sinop on a project that reflects the conceptual framework of the Sinopale Biennial. By fostering partnerships in the international community, the class exposes students to, and develops a deeper understanding of, global discourse. The completed work will be part of an exhibition and catalog in the 4th International Sinopale Biennial.

Prerequisite: Completion of sophomore year and instructor approval
For undergraduates, this course satisfies a studio elective or an upper division Interdisciplinary studio (approval pending for Diversity Studies).

For graduates, this course satisfies a gradwide elective.