Wattis Small Talk with Claire Fontaine

Presented by the CCA Wattis Institute
November 7, 2012 7:00 pm
Wattis Institute

Claire Fontaine is a featured artist in When Attitudes Became Form Become Attitudes. Claire Fontaine is a collective based in Paris, who self-identifies as a "readymade artist" specializing in appropriation.

Small Talks is a mini lecture series held every Wednesday at the CCA Wattis Institute. The intent is to prompt dialogue and connect the artistic practices and research concerns of CCA faculty with the themes of the exhibition When Attitudes Became Form Become Attitudes. Small Talks are one hour in duration.

Generous support for When Attitudes Became Form Become Attitudes provided by C. Ross Sappenfield and Laura Brugger, Robin Wright and Ian Reeves, and Laura and Joe Sweeney.

Founding support for CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts programs has been provided by Phyllis C. Wattis and Judy and Bill Timken. General support for the Wattis Institute provided by the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Grants for the Arts / San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, Ann Hatch and Paul Discoe, and the CCA Curator's Forum.