Alumni Potluck and 92nd Annual Blind Throwing Contest

Presented by the Ceramics Program
October 30, 2013, 6:30–9:00 pm
Treadwell Ceramic Arts Center, Oakland Campus

The Ceramics Guild invites all alumni to return to CCA(C) and share some food, fun, and memories . . . and get dirty! And, of course, everyone else is invited as well. Bring a friend and get dirty together! Free prizes and treats! You don’t need to be alumni to have fun. Everyone is invited. EVERYONE is invited.

Come and throw on the wheel for four minutes while wearing a blindfold and win prizes in such prestigious categories as: "Biggest show-off," "Best ashtray," and "Most likely to never throw again!"

To sign up to participate, come to the ceramics department or RSVP on Facebook CCA Ceramics. All alumni are invited (it would be great to see you there!) You say that you've never thrown on the wheel before? Perfect! You are probably a master "spinner" and don't even know it!