Berlin Summer 2014 Study-Abroad Info Session (Oakland)

Office of Special Programs
November 12, 2013, 11:15–11:45 am
Oakland Campus

B Building 1
More info: Carol Pitts,, 510.594.3732, or see

Berlin Past & Present
Karen Fiss, instructor
Alternative info session: San Francisco campus: Thursday, November 14, 3:15–3:45 p.m.

The reinvention of Berlin as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge centers for contemporary cultural production cannot be understood without serious consideration of the city’s tumultuous and often catastrophic history.

For in many respects, the cultural scene there has come to rely on, and drawn energy from, the city’s many historical ghosts.

The course provides a diverse array of experiences: walking and bike tours; studio, gallery, and museum visits; as well as meetings with individuals actively engaged in the critical issues facing German society and culture today.

For undergraduates, this course satisfies a 200- or 300-level Visual Studies Elective, a Cultural History requirement, a Diversity Studies Seminar, or a Diversity Studies Studio; for graduates, this course satisfies a gradwide elective.