Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer: The Making of Art and Culture

Presented by Queer Cultural Center (QCCA)
September 16, 2013 7:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts presents Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer: The Making of Art and Culture.

Spanning 125 years, Art and Queer Culture is the first major historical survey to consider the ways in which the codes and cultures of homosexuality have provided a creative resource for visual artists.

Art and Queer Culture includes not only pictures made and displayed under the rubric of fine art, but also those intended for private, underground, or otherwise restricted audiences. Scrapbooks, amateur artworks, cartoons, bar murals, anonymous photographs, activist posters -- all appear in its pages, as do paintings, sculptures, art photographs and video installations.

Writing queer culture into the history of art means redrawing the boundaries of what counts as art as well as what counts as history. It means searching for cracks in the partition that separates "high" art from "low" culture and in the divide between public achievement and private life.

About Catherine Lord

Catherine Lord is a professor of studio art, writer, artist and curator who has received numerous fellowships and awards for her work on cultural politics, disability, queer identities, feminism and colonialism. Her books include The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation (2004) and Son Colibri, Sa Calvitie: Miss Translation (2007).

About Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer is the Robert and Ruth Halperin Professor in Art History at Stanford University. He is the author of Outlaw Representation: Censorship and Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century American Art (2002), and his studies in modern and contemporary art focus on the ongoing debate over sexuality and gender, its effects on modern art and visual culture, and censorship and the public sphere.