China Summer Study Abroad Info Session (SF)

February 14, 2013, 3:15–3:45 pm
San Francisco Campus

West 1 (open to current CCA students only)

More info: Carol Pitts: 510.594.3710,
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China has a complex cultural system in which fact is often stranger than fiction. This three-week studio intensive aims to unpack these cultural complexities, while dividing its time between Beijing and Xi'an, two of the four great ancient capitals of China.

Each week, four days of studio time alternate with lectures, artist studio visits, and explorations. Led by instructors Christopher Loomis and Judy Wu.

Prerequisite: Completion of sophomore level and instructor approval (3 credits)

For undergraduates, this course satisfies a studio elective, an upper-division Interdisciplinary Studio, or a Diversity Studies Studio.
For graduates, this course satisfies a gradwide elective.