Lecture by Jennifer Gabrys: Digital Fossils, Transformative Geologies: The Materialities of Electronic Waste

Four by Four Lecture Series: Design + Art x Science
October 16, 2013 7:30 pm
Nahl Hall, Oakland Campus

Info: Jessica Arevalo, jarevalo@cca.edu

In what ways might an approach to digital technologies as eventual fossils transform the way we think about the materiality of these devices?

Join us for a discussion with Jennifer Gabrys of how the environmental and sociopolitical problem of electronic waste challenges the ways in which digital technologies are often seen to be free of materiality or material effect.

Rather than elide or overlook the materialities of digital technologies, her work explores how materialities of these devices may present opportunities for practice-based engagements with electronics.

Jennifer Gabrys is a senior lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, and a principal investigator on the European Research Council (ERC) project Citizen Sensing and Environmental Practice, which investigates the use of environmental sensors for new modes of citizen involvement in environmental issues.

Her research focuses on environments, material processes, and communication technologies through theoretical and practice-based work.

In 2011 she published the book Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics, which examines the materialities of electronic waste. She is currently working on a written study of citizen sensing and environmental practice, titled Program Earth: Environment as Experiment in Sensing Technology.

Presented by the Humanities and Sciences division at CCA.